Ambassador Mustafa Presented Summer Work and Travel Participants with Their American Visas

Ambassador Herro Mustafa today had the pleasure to give visas to students, who are going to participate in this year’s Summer Work and Travel Program.

Since 2000, more than 120,000 Bulgarian students have participated in the Summer Work and Travel program and by representing Bulgaria in the United States, have contributed to the strengthening of relations between Bulgaria and the U.S. The participants in Summer Work and Travel are unique “ambassadors” of their countries to the U.S.; every year they successfully share the best of their rich cultures and traditions with the American people.

Ambassador Mustafa said: “Two-way travel between the United States and Bulgaria is at the very heart of what makes our nations such close friends, partners, and Allies. And as we kick off the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations, I will just say this: the ties between the American and Bulgarian people have never been stronger, and we are committed to seeing them grow even more. I am proud to report that our consular section – which served the public tirelessly throughout the COVID pandemic – is now back to full operational capacity, and we are able to interview visa applicants at pre-pandemic numbers… To those of you receiving your visas today, I know you will have a wonderful summer that will provide you many opportunities for work experience, personal development, and of course a chance to make many happy memories, see new places, try new things, and meet new friends. Who I hope you will keep for a lifetime. I wish you an unforgettable time in the United States, Have fun! I look forward to learning about the amazing things that you have accomplished. And remember your most important task is to be an ambassador for Bulgaria in the United States.