Ambassador’s Remarks at the ‘Women in Tech’ Roundtable

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning and welcome to all of you who have joined us here today.

The information technology sector is the fastest growing sector in Bulgaria.  The country is also a highly successful regional hub for Service Centers.  These are all great market achievements.  Congratulations to Bulgaria and to all of you!

You are a testament to Bulgarian talent and to Bulgarian women’s accomplishments in the IT sector and across the board.

I’m pleased that many of the U.S.’s most iconic IT companies are here with us today and so many of them depend on women to lead their operations, create new opportunities, and develop new products.

I would like to thank our seven IT panelists, who are pioneers and leaders in technology here in Bulgaria.  These extremely successful entrepreneurs are an inspiration and example to all.

As well, today’s event, and today’s panelists demonstrate clearly (pause) the incredible success that small and medium sized enterprises can achieve – especially in the IT sector.

I am also happy to welcome today the highest ranking Information Technology (IT) official in Bulgaria –
Mr. Valeri Borissov, Deputy Minister of IT and Communications with us today.

We also have numerous AmCham Board members, and key private and public IT sector leaders and representatives. Welcome to you all!

A few words about today’s initiative:

This event is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Europe-wide “Women in Tech” initiative.  Similar events are being organized in 16 other European posts.

Like the ‘sector’ itself – this morning’s event will be fast-moving and interesting.  I have no doubt that our panelists will influence many others who will continue to carry the torch of development and innovation both as dynamic SMEs and as large IT companies.

I look forward to seeing how the strong ties between our two countries in the technology sectors will continue to grow and flourish thanks to your efforts, ideas, and energy.

We will continue to be inspired by you.  I wish you all a successful discussion today.