Bulgarian National English Spelling Bee Competition 2018

Registration for the Bulgarian National English Spelling Bee Competition is from October 5 to October 25, 2018!

Bulgarian National English Spelling Bee aims to strengthen the English language skills of Bulgarian students and to share innovative and interactive teaching methods with teachers. More than 6500 students from 304 schools participated in 2017 Spelling Bee.

Similar to spelling bees in the U.S., the competitors must spell words out loud letter by letter and are eliminated for misspelling a word. Students from the ages of 9 to 14, working with a predetermined list of words, prepare for their local, school competitions. The winners from each school’s bee participate in regional-level competitions and the winners from regional bees advance to compete for the title of the Bulgarian National English Spelling Bee champion. At each level, additional study words are added. Each year a new study list is created with a broad range of difficulty, allowing students of all levels participate and achieve a sense of accomplishment with each new word they learned.