Stop, Think, and Check!

One minute? 30 seconds? No time? How much time do you spend considering the accuracy of a news story or a social media post before sharing it? Yes or no? If you agree with the headline of a story, would you check the rest of the text to see if it’s accurate before sharing? Stop. …

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EducationUSA Opportunity Funds-Bulgaria Program

Applications for this program are closed for this fiscal year. If you are interested in applying for the program in the future, we encourage you to apply again next year. Please, check our web site for the call for applications. Eighteen $5,000 Scholarships are available for high school students in grade 11, showing financial need …

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Europe Must Put Security First with 5G

EU communications ministers will gather in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss how to safeguard emerging fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks. Their decisions could have lasting impacts on European countries’ ability to protect their people’s privacy, and ultimately, safeguard their freedoms. 5G networks will soon touch every aspect of life, including critical infrastructure. Innovative new capabilities will power …

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