Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Country-Specific Information: Last updated:  [12/02/20] Bulgaria has 148,775 reported cases of COVID-19 within its borders. Bulgaria has 4,188 reported fatalities from COVID-19 within its borders. Bulgaria is following WHO and ECDC guidance on threat mitigation. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open. Supplies including food and medicine remain plentiful. Masks: All persons must cover their mouth and …

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Message from Consular Section: Current U.S. Entry Restrictions Due to COVID-19

To avoid U.S. entry restrictions when traveling from Bulgaria to the United States, foreign nationals must avoid transiting (or entering) the Schengen Zone/UK/Ireland/China/Iran and Brazil in the 14 days before travel to the U.S.  Also, having reservations for flights through these countries, even if cancelled, may cause refusal to board travelers on U.S. bound flights. …

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