Clarification Regarding DV2020 Program

In connection with multiple inquiries regarding DV2020 the U.S. Embassy in Sofia wishes to make the following clarification:

  • Unmarried applicants can participate in the U.S. DV2020 lottery.
  • Participants who are legally married must list their spouse and children on their DV lottery application.
  • Participants who are single, or living in a civil union not recognized as a legal marriage, CANNOT list their partner as a spouse on their DV lottery application.
  • Any child a participant lists on the DV application must be the legal child of the applicant.  A candidate cannot list an unmarried partner’s child as their own.
  • Candidates who are single or living in a civil union at the time they apply for the DV2020 lottery are allowed to appear for a DV visa interview with their spouse if they marry between the time of application and the interview.