Information Resource Center

The Information Resource Center of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia is an integral component of the official U.S. presence in Bulgaria. The staff draws on electronic information resources and a specialized collection of print resources to carry out its mission:

  • To advance U.S. foreign policy objectives through the dissemination of information to Bulgarians who exercise leadership and influence in shaping policy and public opinion on issues central to U.S. interests and bilateral relations.
  • To promote awareness and understanding of U.S. Government policies and positions and of American institutions and values among Bulgarian nationals who for professional or scholarly purposes track and study the development of the United States and its impact on contemporary affairs.
  • To serve the official information needs of U.S. mission staff.

Contact us

16, Kozyak St.
Sofia 1408
phone: +359 2 937 5160; 937 5177

Please Note: We do NOT answer inquiries concerning visas, immigration, and citizenship matters. All such inquiries must be referred to the Consular Section: use for non-immigrant visas, for immigration and for American Citizen services.