Cochran Fellowship Program

The program is currently closed. Normally announced in January.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), with the cooperation and financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 Cochran Fellowship Program for Bulgaria.

The 2014 Cochran Fellowship Program is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), and is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.  It provides U.S.-based agricultural training opportunities for senior and mid-level specialists and administrators from public and private sectors that are concerned with agricultural trade, agribusiness development, management, policy, and marketing.

The theme for 2014 is:

Enhance Competitiveness and Sustainability of the Bulgarian Agricultural Sector

Training Topics for 2014 are as follows:

Horticulture (Fruit Sector) – advanced production technologies, best management practices,  sustainable production methods and policies

  • Horticulture (Vegetable Sector) –  advanced production technologies, best management practices,  sustainable production methods and policies
  • Tree Nuts Sector – advanced production and processing technologies, best management and marketing practices,  sustainable production methods and policies

Applicant Eligibility

Program participation is open to agribusinesses, government departments, universities, and other agricultural organizations. In their own countries, applicants may be managers, technicians, scientists, professors, administrators, or policy makers. All participants must be in good health. Applicants are strongly advised to have a thorough physical exam prior to traveling to the United States. Participants who are proficient in the oral and written usage of the English language are preferred.

Selection Procedure

Each applicant should complete two application forms.

The main form is required to be completed in English (preferably typed), and the other one to be completed in Bulgarian.

Both forms and the rest of the required documents should be submitted to the Foreign Agricultural Service Sofia office at the U.S. Embassy. The application must include a detailed description of the training request.

The deadline for submission of applications is February 18, 2014.

Interviews for applicants who pass the initial screening will be held later in February 2014 (February 25-27).

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following accounts:(preferred method):;;;
or use

Or by mail to the following address:

United States Embassy, Office of Agricultural Affairs,
16 Kozyak St., 1408 Sofia, Bulgaria

Applications sent by mail should have a post stamp dated not later than February 14.

For questions relating to the application process and to submit an application, please contact:

United States Embassy
Office of Agricultural Affairs
16 Koziak St.
1408 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: 939 57 20, 939 57 74


Cochran Fellowship Program
USDA/FAS/ICD/Food Industries Division
14th and Independence Avenue, SW
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