Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Section manages press, cultural, and educational activities for the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria. The section comprises a Press Office, a Cultural Office, and an Information Resource Center.

The Press Office handles all relations between the Embassy and the media, including Bulgarian, U.S., and international journalists. It conducts press conferences, briefings, and interviews; arranges coverage of Embassy programs and activities; organizes dialogues for U.S. officials with their Bulgarian counterparts; distributes texts, transcripts, and articles that explain U.S. policies; and informs the Ambassador and the State Department about Bulgarian media coverage of issues related to U.S. policies.

The IRC of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia aims to serve those who, in connection with their work, need information about the United States Government’s foreign and domestic policies; political and legislative developments; defense and security matters; and social issues. Within these subject areas, the Information Resource Center’s experienced staff can help enquirers to develop detailed and extensive information, or assist in identifying appropriate information sources to contact in the U.S. In addition, a quick reference service is provided to cover addresses, telephone and fax numbers of governmental or private organizations, simple statistics, biographical information on prominent persons and other matters of general interest.

Please note: the Information Resource Center does not provide information about Bulgaria. Non-Bulgarian residents should contact the Bulgarian Embassy in their country for such information. Answers to many frequently asked questions about Bulgaria can be found at the web page of the Embassy of Bulgaria in the U.S.A

The Center’s office hours are: 08.30-17.00, Monday-Friday, excluding American and Bulgarian holidays.

Phone: +359 2 937 5177 or +359 2 937 5160 .

Fax: The Information Resource Center’s fax number is: +359 2 937 5326.

Letters: Postal enquiries should be addressed as follows: Information Resource Center, American Embassy, 16 Kozyak Str., Sofia 1408.

Research: Staff research services available to Bulgaria print and broadcast media, government departments and academics.

Visitors: The Information Resource Center is not open to the general public. Journalists, academics and other serious researchers wishing to visit the Information Resource Center to use any of the materials held must make an appointment by telephone first.

The Cultural Affairs Office (CAO) of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia fosters mutual understanding and cooperation by promoting a wide range of professional, institutional, and personal ties between the United States and Bulgaria. People of all backgrounds benefit from the diverse cultural opportunities and exchanges offered by the CAO.

The Cultural Office manages U.S. government administered exchange programs, including the Fulbright Scholarships. It also encourages U.S.-Bulgaria institutional linkages in the cultural and educational fields and promotes contemporary American arts and literature in the Bulgaria.

Information about studying in the United States is available on the Department of State’s Education USA website.

U.S. Exchange Visitors: In their Own Words The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs invites our exchange program participants, colleagues working for grantee organizations, affiliated NGOs, U.S. Embassy staff, programming agencies, volunteers and other interested parties to describe how our current and former program participants share their U.S. experience and understanding of U.S. society and policies, and what personal or institutional linkages may have been built as result of those experiences.

Cultural Affairs Office may be contacted as follows: phone: (359) 2 937 5150.

Under the Embassy Speaker Program, U.S. diplomats meet with various groups in Sofia and around the country to present or to discuss topics ranging from American culture to American foreign policy. This program gives various audiences a chance to hear first-hand about almost any U.S. – related topic, as well as to ask questions and exchange views. On the other hand, this enables the Embassy officers to gain a deeper insight of Bulgaria and get to know its people better.  While we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to meet your request, we’ll certainly do our best.