First English Language Camps for Bulgaria’s Disadvantaged Youth

This September, the ‘Trust for Social Achievement’ (TSA) has organized its first English and leadership development camps as part of their ‘A Step Toward Success’ project. The camps focus on community engagement for Bulgaria’s disadvantaged children and youth and serve as a step towards forming a community of successful role models, as well as encouraging academic success.

Apart from traditional learning methods, the project consists of contemporary and innovative educational tools such as distance learning through online virtual classrooms specifically designed for the project. 200 disadvantaged youths aged 13-20 from across the country are provided with 360 hours of English language training in addition to the compulsory school curriculum.

A Step Toward Success is a nation-wide project implemented by the Trust for Social Achievement in partnership with the Youth Foundation “Arete”, the Fund for Crime Prevention (IGA) and the CorPlus Foundation for Education and Development, with the financial support the U.S. State Department and the America for Bulgaria Foundation.