Groundbreaking Ceremony for a Children’s Playground at the Bishop’s Basilica in Plovdiv

“I applaud the America for Bulgaria Foundation and Plovdiv Municipality for their partnership to restore and display the rich mosaics of the Bishop’s Basilica – the largest early Christian temple found in Bulgaria, and thus a critically important part of the country’s religious history. Bulgaria’s cultural sites are reminders of the incredible history of this country, and of the diverse experiences of the people who lived here. It is our shared responsibility to honor and protect the cultural achievements of the people who have come before us. Let me congratulate everyone here for allowing future generations to appreciate the richness of the history of this fascinating country” – Ambassador Eric Rubin at the groundbreaking ceremony for a children’s playground at the Bishop’s Basilica in Plovdiv. EVN Bulgaria is funding the playground construction as part of a larger Basilica restoration and preservation funded by Plovdiv Municipality and America for Bulgaria Foundation.