High-speed Vessel U.S. Navy Ship Carson City Docks In Varna For The First Time

Technically known as a Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport ship, the USNS Carson City entered the Black Sea for the first time on August 15, and docked in Varna Port for the first time on August 27.   Captain Jonathan Keffer welcomed Bulgarian media onboard and led a tour of the ship. 


Carson City is part of the U.S. 6th Fleet.  Carson City is the first high-speed vessel of its kind to enter the Black Sea.  Carson City can sail at high speed (average speed is 35 knots) for over 1200 nautical miles while carrying 600 short tons.  She is designed to support Army and Navy  joint and coalition force operations.  She transports troops, military vehicles, supplies and equipment – and in fact is transporting American troops between Black Sea ports on this trip.  Carson City has a flight deck so that helicopters can land on her, a ramp allowing vehicles to drive on board, and room for 312 passengers.