Statement of Support to the Sofia Pride 2016

We would like to convey our support to everyone actively participating in or backing this year’s Sofia Pride on June 18, 2016. Promoting the principle of equal treatment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people is an important aspect of a tolerant and respectful society.

Sofia Pride is an opportunity to promote human rights and tolerance, as well as highlight the diversity, efforts and accomplishments of the Bulgarian LGBTI community. The Pride March also sends an important message to thousands of gays and lesbians across the country – “you are not alone.” In Pride events all around the world, gay and straight people come together for the principle that all citizens should have the same rights: to live, to work, and to love without fear of discrimination. We have yet to achieve this goal – unfortunately, discrimination still exists.

This is the 9th annual Sofia Pride and it focuses on the importance of family and friends.  Families and friends can provide a nurturing, inclusive, and supportive environment for LGBTI people. Their ties can form the basis for understanding the challenges the LGBTI community faces and for combating prejudice.  Under the slogan “Parents, Friends, and Allies,” this year’s Pride promotes tolerance between different generations and different communities. By signing this statement, we encourage all citizens to embrace LGBTI people as equal citizens, without prejudice or discrimination, and to promote LGBTI rights. We wish everyone a peaceful and happy celebration.

List of signatories in the 2016 Ambassadorial Statement of Support

  • H. E. Mr.  Roland Hauser – Ambassador of Austria
  • H. E. Mrs. Anick van Calster    Ambassador of Belgium
  • H. E. Mrs. Ana Maria Sampaio Fernandes – Ambassador of Brazil
  • H. Е. Mrs. Ljerka Alajbeg – Ambassador of Croatia
  • H. E. Mr.  Christian Kønigsfeldt  – Ambassador of Denmark
  • H. E. Mr.  Harri Salmi – Ambassador of Finland
  • H. E. Mr.  Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes – Ambassador of France
  • H. E. Mr.  Detlef Lingemann – Ambassador of Germany
  • H. E. Mr.  John Biggar – Ambassador of Ireland
  • H.E. Mrs. Irit Lillian – Ambassador of Israel
  • H. E. Mr.  Marco Conticelli – Ambassador of Italy
  • H. E. Mr.  Tom J.M. van Oorschot – Ambassador of the Netherlands
  • H. E. Mrs. Guro Katharina H. Vikør – Ambassador of Norway
  • H. E. Mr.  José Luis Tapia Vicente – Ambassador of Spain
  • H. E. Mrs. Louise Bergholm – Ambassador of Sweden
  • H. E. Mrs. Emma Hopkins – Ambassador of the United Kingdom
  • H. E. Mr.  Eric Rubin – Ambassador of the United States of America