Stop, Think, and Check!

One minute? 30 seconds? No time?

How much time do you spend considering the accuracy of a news story or a social media post before sharing it?

Yes or no?

If you agree with the headline of a story, would you check the rest of the text to see if it’s accurate before sharing?

Stop. Think. Check.

Some things in life you know and trust, and other things you need to verify first.

You know your grandmother’s bean soup will always be delicious, that you can count on a good friend, that a hike up the mountains will always be worthwhile.

Unfortunately, in the 24/7 digital world, we can’t always trust everything we read. We need to Stop, Think, and Check before sharing social media or news stories. This means reading news with a critical eye and verifying before sharing, so we know what is real and what is fiction, what is factual and what is opinion. In social media, this means knowing what we’re sharing.

Here are a few trusted fact-checking resources to help us all Stop, Think, and Check before we share:

Fact Check BG –
AFP Bulgaria fact check –
Bulgarian National Radio fact check –
Stop Fake (Bulgarian) –