Ambassador Herro Mustafa Visits American College of Sofia

Ambassador Mustafa made her first visit to the American College of Sofia. She toured the school, ate lunch and spoke with students about politics, world affairs and the life of an ambassador. Did you know that ACS is one of the oldest American schools outside of the U.S.? It goes all the way back to ... Read More»

Worldwide Caution

September 14, 2017 As part of the Department of State’s continuous efforts to provide U.S. citizens traveling abroad with information about safety and security events, we are updating the Worldwide Caution with information on the continuing threat of terrorist actions, political violence, and criminal activity against U.S. citizens and interests abroad.  This replaces the Worldwide ... Read More»

Chargé d’Affaires Martina Strong at an American College of Sofia Ceremony

Chargé d’Affaires Martina Strong joined the students and administration of the American College of Sofia (ACS) at a ceremony renaming the Science Building after ACS alumnus Carl Djerassi. In addition to expressing her gratitude for Djerassi’s many contributions in science and education, Chargé d’Affaires Strong praised ACS and its students for representing American values and ... Read More»
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