The Kremlin’s Never-Ending Attempt to Spread Disinformation about Biological Weapons

GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT CENTER MARCH 14, 2023 Read the latest by the State Department’s Global Engagement Center on Russian disinformation about biological weapons. Read More»

Russia’s War on Ukraine: Almost a Year of Lies, Implemented

October 24, 2022   “Every day we fight so that everyone on the planet finally understands: we are not a colony, not an enclave, not a protectorate. Not a gubernia, an eyalet or a crown land, not a piece of a foreign empire, not a ‘part of the land’, not a union republic. Not an ... Read More»

RAND: Fighting Disinformation Online – A Database of Web Tools

RAND Corporation The rise of the internet and the advent of social media have fundamentally changed the information ecosystem, giving the public direct access to more information than ever before. But it’s often nearly impossible to distinguish accurate information from low-quality or false content. This means that disinformation—false or intentionally misleading information that aims to ... Read More»
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