Solicitation Announcement – Packing/Shipping Services

Packing/Shipping companies with prior Embassy experience, good local staff and warehouse facilities are invited to provide response to solicitation set out by the Embassy of U.S.A, Sofia.  Please send an e-mail to:  until 4:00 pm, December 21st, 2020 if interested in obtaining the solicitation package.       
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Solicitation Announcement – Repair and Coating of the US Embassy, Sofia Underground Water Tanks

(February 1, 2019 – February 22, 2019) Repair and Coating of the U.S. Embassy, Sofia Underground Water Tanks  (PDF 910 KB) Attachment A-Statement of Work 498 KB   (PDF 498 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_1  (PDF 275 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_2  (PDF 195 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_3   (PDF 336 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_4  (PDF 381 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_5   (PDF 441 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_6  (PDF 408 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_7  (PDF 422 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_8  (PDF 366 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_9   (PDF 309 KB) AttachmentA_DWG_10  (PDF 234 KB) AttachmentA_TanksDimensions  (PDF 1.32 MB) AttachmentA_Cast-In-PlaceConcrete_Specs  (PDF 71.8 MB) AttachmentA_PkgWaterTreatmentSystems_Specs  (PDF 25.3 MB) AttachmentA_2016InspectionPhotos  (PDF 1.13 MB) ...
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