Lockheed Martin statement

The F-16 Block 70 is one of the most advanced fighters in the NATO inventory and offers the Bulgarian Air Force an incredible technical capability. Under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) construct, letter of offer and acceptance (LOA) pricing is determined by the U.S. government in consultation with the companies and the purchasing government. Lockheed ...
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Statement by the U.S. Embassy

The U.S. Embassy in Sofia expresses shock and outrage regarding the murder of journalist Victoria Marinova.  We call for a thorough investigation which results in the perpetrator/s being held accountable.  We are ready to offer assistance to authorities if needed to help bring the perpetrator/s to justice.
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Statement by the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria

The U.S. Embassies in Bulgaria and Macedonia welcome the approval of the draft Bulgaria-Macedonia friendship agreement.  The agreement acknowledges the close ties between the countries and celebrates a will by both sides to enhance cooperation in the interest of their citizens.  Such engagement sets an encouraging example for resolving issues between neighbors and enhances political ...
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