“The Cracks” in Bulgaria

The music duo “The Cracks” – Dylan Vaughn and Stephen Kavanagh – with guitars and song, harmonica and percussion will take you on a magical journey of the best of American music: blues, folk, jazz, gospel, ragtime, swing, soul, funk, bluegrass, country and much more. This will be a real celebration at which you’ll want to clap your hands, stomp your feet and sing along. This musical excursion will not only be fun, but is also free! Come and hear them in Veliko Turnovo on June 4th at Chitalishte “Nadezhda” at 18:30; in Kazanlak on June 5th at the Art Gallery at 18:30; in Burgas on June 6th at Expo Center “Flora” at 18:30 and in Stara Zagora at the Art Gallery on June 7th at 18:00.