The Office of  Defense Cooperation  (ODC) Donates High Testing and Laboratory Equipment

The U.S. Embassy in Sofia, thru the Office of  Defense Cooperation  (ODC) was able to secure funding for specialized, high testing and laboratory equipment to be donated to the Military Medical Academy and Specialized Hospital for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases in order to support their efforts to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The total value of the equipment is 42,345 Bulgarian leva.

This donation is part of the U.S. European Command Humanitarian Assistance Program. In addition, since 2010, the U.S. government has invested more than 10 million Bulgarian leva in Humanitarian Assistance projects in Bulgaria to support its social and economic development strategy.

ODC Chief, MAJ Alex Apostle handed over the donation to MG Ventsislav Mutafchiyski, Chief of the Military Medical Academy and Prof. Tatyana Chervenyakova, Director of the Infectious Diseases Hospital.
Just for the COVID-19, ODC alone has donated equipment and tests totaling 90 874 Bulgarian leva.