Training on Proactive Online Investigations

On September 23rd, Resident Legal Advisor Jessica Kim, in partnership with Embassy Sofia’s FBI Legal Attaché Office, delivered a training on proactive online investigations, electronic evidence, and cybercrimes for investigating magistrates of the National Investigative Service of Bulgaria. FBI Assistant Legal Attaché Dustin Overby initiated the training with an overview of cybercrime trends. RLA Kim followed with a presentation on online and electronic communication investigations, focusing on how to obtain digital evidence through mutual legal assistance requests. The duel presentations emphasized how investigators and prosecutors must work collaboratively for successful investigations and prosecutions. This was the first session of a capacity-building series that the Department of Justice Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training [OPDAT] will be delivering for the National Investigative Service with the objective of enhancing the capacity of the country’s investigating magistrates to investigate and prosecute cases more effectively.