Court / Prison Records

  • Fees: 5 BG leva for 2 copies
  • Document Name: Свидетелство за съдимост (Svidetelstvo za sudimost)
  • Issuing Authority:  a regional court
  • Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: round seal of a regional court, signatures of the court records office clerk and the chairman
  • Issuing Authority Personnel Title: court records office clerk and the chairman
  • Procedure for Obtaining: 1. Request for issuance, 2. ID (or a power-of-attorney), 3. Birth certificate, 4. Receipt for the paid fee.
  • Comments: The court certificate is valid for 6 months. It shows only the convictions that are not purged. It does not show arrests, charges or purged records. If the document shows that the person has been convicted, the actual court record may be requested.