Marital Status Certificate

  • Fees: 5 BG leva for a regular service (7 days); 7,50 BG leva for an expedited service (3 days); 10 leva for an express service (1 day)
  • Document Name: Удостоверение за семейно положение, съпруг и деца  (Udostoverenie za semeyno polozhenie, suprug i detsa)
  • Issuing Authority: the local municipality
  • Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: round seal of the municipality, the clerk’s signature
  • Issuing Authority Personnel Title: Civil Registry Office clerk
  • Procedure for Obtaining:  1. Request for issuance, 2. ID (or a power-of-attorney), 3. Receipt for the paid fee.
  • Certified Copies Available: No.
  • Alternate Documents: Marital Status certificate – short version which does not show any information about the spouse and the children