Marriage Certificates

  • Fees: 5 BG leva for a regular service (7 days); 7,50 BG leva for an expedited service (3 days); 10 leva for an express service (1 day)
  • Document Name:  Удостоверение за сключен граждански брак (Udostoverenie za sklyuchen grazhdanski brak)
  • Issuing Authority: the local municipality
  • Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: round seal of the municipality, the clerk’s signature
  • Issuing Authority Personnel Title: Civil Registry Office clerk
  • Registration Criteria: The marriage certificate is registered by the local municipality. If the marriage was contracted abroad, to register the marriage in Bulgaria, the original marriage certificate has to be legalized and translated in Bulgarian language.
  • Procedure for Obtaining: 1. Request for issuance, 2. ID (or a power-of-attorney), 3. Receipt for the paid fee.
  • Certified Copies Available: Duplicates of marriage certificates are issued according to the same procedures.
  • Comments: Bulgaria is signatory to the Vienna convention of 1976. In addition to the regular marriage certificates, Bulgarian civil authorities issue marriage certificates in three languages: Bulgarian, French and English. The form is two-sided and bares the seal of the Civil Registry Office.