The American Liaison Network and Citizen Liaison Volunteers

The American Liaison Network (ALN), previously known as the Warden System, is a key component of U.S. Embassies and Consulates’ efforts to share information and render assistance to U.S. citizens living and traveling abroad.

As part of the network, embassies in partnership with a community of U.S. citizen (and occasionally some non-citizen) volunteers known as CLVs strive to address security, safety, and health issues affecting U.S. citizens overseas.

CLVs collaborating with Embassy Sofia are designated to one of several geographically or functionally designated zones throughout Bulgaria. The Embassy looks for CLVs from a variety of professional backgrounds, who can bring a range of skills, knowledge, and contacts to the position. They are usually long term residents in Bulgaria, who preferably, but are not required to, speak Bulgarian. Ideally they have strong ties to the expat community in their zone, and are familiar with local contacts and resources that would be useful in emergency situations.

CLVs typically serve a one-year voluntary (non-paid) term, and must annually sign a Memorandum of Agreement that outlines their roles and responsibilities.

CLVs are not U.S. Embassy official representatives, employees, spokespersons, consular officers or agents.

CLVs serve a vital role in the American community by maintaining the lines of communication with U.S. citizens in Bulgaria, and by providing critical support for non-routine consular issues.

If you are interested in becoming a Citizen Liaison Volunteer, please contact the U.S. Embassy in Sofia at for more information.

CLV Roles and Responsibilities

CLV Memorandum of Agreement

U.S. citizens abroad may possess important critical skills and resources for helping other U.S. citizens in a time of crisis. Embassy Sofia would appreciate your assistance in identifying skills and resources available in Bulgaria. If you have emergency response skills, training, and/or experience, and would be willing to help in a crisis, please fill out the below survey.(PDF 1,12 MB)