Travelling with Minors – Leaving Bulgaria

Bulgarian authorities are particularly strict in matters involving the travel of Bulgarian children. If a dual or multi-national Bulgarian child is traveling out of Bulgaria with only one parent or another adult, the absent parent(s) must sign a certified/legalized declaration authorizing temporary custody for travel purposes. This declaration must be presented to Bulgarian Immigration on departure. If the declaration is signed in Bulgaria, it must be certified by a Bulgarian notary public. If signed in the United States, the declaration must be certified by a notary public.

The declaration must include an apostille issued by the individual state’s Secretary of State or Governor’s office, as well as a Bulgarian translation by a licensed translation company to be certified by a Bulgarian notary public. Please note that Bulgarian authorities do not require such documentation for minors who are not Bulgarian. However, in cases of minor children who do not have Bulgarian citizenship, but one or both parents are Bulgarian citizens, Immigration officials may request a certified/legalized declaration authorizing custody for travel purposes.