U. S. Embassy Statement on Lukov March

The U.S. Embassy is aware of plans for a public event this weekend to recall the assassination of General Hristo Lukov, who was known for his nationalist and pro-Nazi views.  This controversial event has sometimes been used to spread messages of xenophobia and intolerance.  While the Embassy fully supports the democratic principle of free speech and the public’s right to assemble in a civil and peaceful manner, the Embassy condemns xenophobia, hate speech, or incitements to violence as contrary to the basic values of modern society.  The most effective way to combat expressions of xenophobia is for people to reflect on our common humanity, remember the basic principles and values that define our faiths and our communities, and promote tolerance.  With that in mind, the Embassy encourages people to speak out against intolerance and urge respect for human dignity. The most effective weapon in combating hate speech is tolerant, truthful and intelligent speech – something we all can aspire to.