Business Visa Program

The Business Visa Program (BVP) is designed to promote and facilitate business and investment between Bulgaria and the United States. The primary aim of this free program is to enable business travelers from qualified companies to arrange expedited visa appointments and access to a direct line for business visa questions. Through the Business Visa Program, we provide the enrolled business with personalized service and information specific to the company’s situation.

The BVP has two Membership levels:



  • Open invitation to business visa information seminars
  •  A dedicated line of communication to answer any business visa questions – and a direct BVP phone number
  •  No fees required


  • All the benefits offered to all member companies, PLUS
  •  Expedited appointments for B1/B2E2H3 and L1 visas for qualified employees
  •  Spouses and children under 21 years of age may apply along with the employee


All member companies must:

  • Be registered and operating lawfully in Bulgaria, including Bulgarian branches of foreign companies
  • Act in a good faith
  •  Demonstrate frequent employee travel to the United States
  •  Demonstrate business ties with the United States
  •  Agree to provide the following:

– Completed and signed BVP Eligibility Inquiry; (PDF 347 KB)
– Tax declarations for the last 3 years, signed and stamped by the NRA


Tax declarations for the last 3 years, accompanied by tax payment documents;

– Certificate from the National Revenue Agency stating the number of labor contracts


In addition, Large companies must:

  • Be an established, profitable, legitimate business that has been in operation for at least 3 years

o    At least 50 employees
o    Revenue of at least 100 million leva

Step 1: Simply complete and return the BVP Eligibility Inquiry. (PDF 347 KB)

  • Membership is valid indefinitely, as long as member companies adhere to program guidelines and comply with all accountability measures.

Step 2: Provide signature samples for those company representatives authorized to sign invitation letters (employment verification letters) – a Signatory Form will be attached to the confirmation e-mail.

  • Just follow the instructions in the Confirmation ofMembership e-mail
  • Visa applicants must be full-time, direct-hire employees, not temporary or contract workers. The spouse of the applicant and unmarried children under 21 may also apply at the same time as the employee.
  • The BVP member company makes a B1/B2, E2, H3, or L1 visa appointment for the applicant (and eligible family) using a special-access appointment system.
  • The applicant attends the visa interview, providing a letter signed by the company’s designated signatory that includes the name of the applicant, his/her position in the company, proposed itinerary and purpose of travel.

BVP membership does not guarantee visa issuance. Each visa applicant under BVP must qualify completely and on their own merit under all applicable U.S. laws.

  • All of the applicant information in the visa application form DS 160 is mandatory and must be accurate and complete. The company must act in good faith to comply with the rules and intentions of the Business Visa Program. If during the visa application process a company is found not to be acting in good faith, the BVP membership will be terminated.
  • During the interview BVP visa applicants must present a completed and officially signed full-time work contract.
  • BVP appointments are limited to those applicants traveling for business purposes only.
  • BVP companies must complete and sign an updated BVP Eligibility Inquiry (PDF 353 KB)every 18 months to revalidate their membership.
  • BVP Member companies must provide and maintain a list of authorized signatories, updating the list with the Embassy whenever changes occur.
  • BVP companies are recommended to consult legal experts with questions regarding the appropriate visa classification for their employees’ intended activities in the United States.
  • If a BVP Member company is found not to be complying with BVP rules or if their employees are violating visa regulations, the company will be suspended or terminated from membership in BVP at will.
  • How much do BVP services cost?
    BVP services and membership are free of charge.
  • Does BVP membership make it easier to qualify for a visa?
    Each and every applicant, regardless of membership, must fully qualify for their visa under all applicable U.S. laws. BVP membership can make it faster and easier to obtain visa appointments during busy seasons.
  • My company is a BVP member. Can I use the BVP slot to apply for my tourist visa?
    No. BVP appointments are limited to those applicants traveling for business purposes only.
  • How do I find out more about the BVP?
    For further information, email us at