Medical Examinations

There are three clinics authorized by the Embassy in Sofia to perform medical examinations for immigrant visas. Medical certificates from other clinics will not be accepted.

Required Tests

Vita Hospital 1
9 Dragovitsa St., Sofia
Tel. 960-49-50,

Vita Hospital 2
10 Filip Kutev St.
Tel: 02-45-22-000;
08899 22 000

Appointments: Monday through Friday

Dr. Greenberg Medical Center
Sofia 1582, Druzhba-2
23A, Copenhagen Blvd.
Tel: 02-417-05-19; 0898-776-812

Appointments: Monday through Friday

Chest X-ray and radiology consult:   80.00 BGN   79.00 BGN
Serologic test for syphilis   50.00 BGN   50.00 BGN
Gonorrhea test (18-24 years)   80.00 BGN   82.00 BGN
IGRA test (2-14 years) 225.00 BGN 229.00 BGN
Physical examination 180.00 BGN 179.00 BGN
Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis   15.00 BGN   15.00 BGN
Measles, mumps, rubella   44.00 BGN   46.00 BGN
Td/tetanus diphtheria toxicoid   15.00 BGN   16.00 BGN
Polio   33.00 BGN   69.00 BGN
Hepatitis A   65.00 BGN   61.00 BGN
Hepatitis B   50.00 BGN   49.00 BGN
Varicella   89.00 BGN   89.00 BGN
Pneumococcal for children 135.00 BGN 129.00 BGN
Pneumococcal for adults 146.00 BGN 156.00 BGN
Meningococcus 135.00 BGN 138.00 BGN
Influenza   33.00 BGN   33.00 BGN
Rotavirus 110.00 BGN 142.00 BGN


The medical examination may be performed after an immigrant visa interview appointment has been scheduled.

Immigrant visa applicants must submit four photos, 5×5 см, at the clinic, plus their intended address in the United States.

The number of vaccines is determined by the panel physician according to the applicant’s age and medical condition.

All immigrant visa applicants are required to have completed a full series of the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 vaccination will not be required if the applicant is younger than the lowest age limit for the approved COVID-19 vaccine formulations in use.