Visiting the Embassy or Consulate

Please note that no one may accompany applicants into the embassy’s consular waiting room. This includes American citizens, spouses, attorneys, sponsors, friends, and family members. Thus, any information these individuals would like to present should be submitted with the application materials or given to the applicant to present to the Consular Officer during the interview. We appreciate your understanding.

To help speed up the security process and save time, you should ensure that you are not carrying any prohibited items.

Backpacks and large bags are not permitted in the Embassy and may cause you to be denied entrance into the Embassy.

Laptops, tablets, bags and all other prohibited items from the list cannot be kept by the security guards.

Additional prohibited items include:

  • electronic equipment
  • dangerous items
  • bottles
  • food
  • sealed envelopes
  • sealed packages
  • sprays, perfumes and other liquids